We develop software solutions for water purveyors, municipal water utilities, and water districts. Just a few of our specialties are listed below.

Cross-Connection Control Program Administration
Tasked with implementing an efficient cross-connection control program? BackTrack incorporates water service account data, backflow device certification, notice generation, backflow testers lists, test reports, mapping, and document management into a familiar, intuitive user interface. Optional billing system interface programming is available.

Reclaimed Water Use Administration
BackTrack also manages non-potable/reclaimed water use by monitoring site water service accounts, designated site supervisors, site inspections, cross-connection tests, deficiencies and associated documentation.

Mobile Data Collection
We have developed proven methods and procedures for taking actionable data into the field for data collection purposes. Migration between office-bound data and mobile tablet computers can be developed to suit any need.

Groundwater Management
Prologue provides tools that support the gathering, management, and analysis of all your production data within one easy-to-use software package. Make the most of your existing SCADA trending and historical data by using a configurable dashboard interface to produce reports and plot statistical well, rainfall and water level data. Import and export data to and from many familiar programs while utilizing the power and security of MS SQL Server.

If you cannot find a software solution that meets your needs, consider a custom application that utilizes a mainstream programming environment. We can provide custom programming, utility billing system interfacing, and general database services. Please feel free to contact us about how we can help you.

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