BackTrack Required Database Modifications 2018-01-08

Zipped MS SQL Server script file (.ZIP/.SQL)

  1. Ron Upton
    As always, backup your database before executing any script file. You can avoid using this script by performing the modifications listed below manually if you prefer.

    This version of BackTrack ( requires two minor database modifications to operate. These modifications are performed using the attached script. This script file (.SQL) is simply executed on the BackTrack database server. The file has been zipped to avoid difficulties sometimes encountered when downloading dot sql files.

    This SQL script performs the following tasks:
    • Increases the length of a nvarchar column from 1000 to 3000 characters. The table name is "DeviceTests", the column name is "Note"
    • Synchronizes installations of BackTrack by adjusting the current version number. This is normally performed manually but since a script is already required for the other modification, let's do it here instead

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